Jolicloud 1.0

I had bought a netbook eeepc 1005HA recently and I was looking to install a good linux distro on it, because Xandros was not for me. I found it crude and not user friendly regardless the simplified KISS menu.

I was about to go with meego, because of the half maemo roots, but I read an artic le on (see links below) for some new flavors of linux distros.

So I decided to go with Jolicloud 1.0. The installation was very quick, reminded me of windows 7 installation (and even simpler). Within 20 minutes I had a full running, updated (thanks to my fast dsl, remember to pay, note to my self) Linux Distro which could have been an LCARS replacement (maybe a Destiny dashboard).

Jolicloud is an out-of-the-box social linux, which means that from the moment you login for the first time, you will have options about twitter, facebook and other social media that are around. It’s imho an ultimate web browsing experience. You have everything as large icons on the dashboard, including chromium, the chrome port of linux.

I tried some apps, and some of my webapps and they are going really fast. Right now I am at wifi, playing music from my favorite site and writing the article.

Things that were not out of the box, and are EEEPC related:

  • The function keys are not working. Especially the turn on/off wifi, which can be achieved by two ways: Either you turn it on/off from windows or xandros, or tweak the grub (my way) with some info found on the web.
    Google: eeepc function keys grub
  • Greek keyboard was not working, but it was because in my installs I always go native (even though it automatically found that I am using greek and setup the LC_ALL messages to the language). I added the layout later via the menu/install button.
  • As a default player it uses Totem Media Player, I added VLC as an alternative, but shoutcast seems to work in Totem. #must_investigate
  • Most of the apps that jolicloud offers are actually html5 links to social services. Which is a good thing, because it gives you an IPhone feel.

Overall, I will be using jolicloud for the next month and I hope it stays as a good distro (it’s based on ubuntu/debian with a custom made atom kernel). Right now I have to investigate about one thing: Games.

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