A Farewell to Lost

I finished seeing the end of LOST and it was a sentimental ride, much like my life those 6 years.

In the summer of 2004, I had been out of a relationship after realizing that the girl was not the one I wanted (sorry about that, Penny!), working as Lab Assistant in my university for peanuts and trying to get my degree as soon as possible. Even though the times were dark then, I had some friends to support me and I felt rich. One of them introduced me to a really cool kid, much wiser for his age, which I found extraordinary. He was almost 8 years younger than me at the time and was rather calm. We became friends instantly. All of us had common interests. We liked movies (science fiction, action with the occasional drama and screwball comedy), we read comics, we gathered into special occasions like the Oscars and Eurovision or comic book signings and we were always on time for a coffee to talk about everything, except for the fish.

When LOST began in automn of 2004, we were thrilled because it had a peculiar theme. The oceanic 815 survivors try to get over the fact that they are lost; a monster hunts them while there is a mysterious sickness, a hatch, a plane full of drugs and people who were dead suddendly come alive with the help of polar bears and the greatest shocker (since the «pilot» episode that featured a person getting sucked into a turbine) was that a paralyzed man could walk and run like a runner.

By the end of that tv year (May 2005!), we had all been changed somehow by the magic of the show. Always thrilled, mostly because another show of JJ Abrams called «Alias» had a great cliffhanger that could be cannibalized on «LOST» (What lies behind the hatch? Michael Vaughn who was kidnapped), I had found work in a really nice job but the most shocking thing was that friend I mentioned earlier. Apparently he had cancer, something that he kept it in a need-to-know basis, I deducted it one day and confirmed it (it sounds dirty but is not, trust me) but little I knew that in a couple of months that extraordinary soul would not have been with us anymore. A fact little known is, that when I got the bad news, I was watching a guy getting miraculously tv-healed by tv-cancer in a show that was created by Kitsis and Horowitz, the people that began writing LOST in the second season.

Season two of Lost began with bitter and nerves. I was always wondering what was in the hatch but there was not any willingness to watch. Actually I didn’t have any nerve to watch anything, I was in a destructing/deconstructing path on my life. A girl I love, up to this day, never returned my love – she left for England to study abroad; my parents’s job began to crumble and I had signs of something wicked happening to me (first signs of my ICP chronic condition). The pressure was too much and the writing of LOST was taking it into a spiritual path. With the tag line «They are not the ones you think», the introduction of the tailies, the others, Ben Linus and Desmond, the kidnapping of Walt that lead eventually to the kidnapping of the Trio (Jack, Sawyer and Kate) and the desperation of Locke when he finds out that the hatch is part of a bigger plan. It was a wild and confusing time indeed.

Season three was mild. It was like recovering from a hangover, some mysteries here and there in the show. That was what happened in real life as well. Tring to get back to the life wagon. One good thing that happened was that by the end of that year, I had an unexpected turnabout; the girl I love came to work where I work. I was thrilled. It also marked the end of most of the gang friendship my fault, I fell in love with the girl!. It was all about the thrill of a new guy who came last year and everyone was well attached to them. My pride was hurt and people do stupid things to prove to others things that they shouldn’t do.

Season four…  season four was dark. Dark in a way that provided both hope and death. The freighter that was supposed to help them was actually sent by a ruthless person, mr.Whidmore. He ordered an execution of all people on the island and we got people dying in that season! Also it was the first season that featured flashforwards, the life of the survivors after the island. It was also the year that I stopped speaking to the specific girl, because she was stubborn like me. I spent times just looking at her as I passed and making sighs on the way.

Season five. Almost a year and a half ago. A bearded Jack Sheppard was depressed and trying to get back on the island. The opening was like how my insides were. I felt that the whole summer, depressed. Alcoholic. Exiled. It was also the wackyest season. All the technobabble that defines a good sci-fi show cooked up in a 17 eps season. It was that year that the girl quit the job and along with that a chapter of my life suddenly ended. It was like the explosion of the big atom bomb that spawned the incident.

The final season. During that final season, a lot of things went into place. I got myself into mandatory army (an obligation of my country’s citizenship) and it seemed that life was not in my hands anymore. I had to do this and that, because I was ordered to, because I had been instructed by the invisible person like a Jacob and being punished like the Smoke Monster does. It was a hard year for me. Being more depressed than ever, having uncertainties about anything and getting filled with all that guilt and rage I had all those past years about everything.  And then, two episodes before the end, everything went North. I got rid of the army obligation.

A couple of hours ago, I saw the end. Apart from all those action filled scenes that had to happen, apart from all the mythology things that were supposed to happen, it was all about people. It was about the same bunch of people that it began, it was about love and how it can get you to places that you can’t dream on, it was about forgiving people. It was about letting go. It was about moving on. Thus, it’s exactly where I am right now. I find myself like Desmond, knowing that will get there eventually and not being afraid anymore.

Farewell oceanic flight 815. Farewell others. Farewell Jacob and Smokey. Farewell Whidmores. Farewell Desmond. Farewell Jack.



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