Top 5 time travelling destinations

Where: New York
When: In the near future
Why: The big apple was always a refuge for people of all kinds. It’s a large monument that has been targeted, bled and risen again and will (unless it’s utterly obliterated by H-Bomb or Z-Bomb or ZX-Bomb) remain one of the best cities of the world.

Where: Anywhere
When: Before Yahoo got the highest stock price
Why: Time travelling needs money and the only way to support it is through third party money stocks and methods of the Capitalism world. You do the math, you get the time machine and visit anywhere you want!

Where: London, England
When: Victorian Era
Why: The British Empire had seen the most prosperous time on that Era. People began to turn into engineering, inventing and literally a blooming of all the neo-mystery theories of the world.

Where: California – Santa Ana, Burbank, San Diego
When: 1970 – 1981
Why: I always had this feeling (created by movies of that era), that California was a land of mystical chill out. Chilling out and remaining cool is now something that is crucial to my psyche, becoming calm as The Dude or the Clerks leaving behind anything that requires too much thinking or trying. That was perhaps before getting into the works of Philip K. Dick, who lived in that era producing one of my favorite books, Valis, the book that changed my way of thinking the normal and looking outside the box. Of course this kind of thinking made me detuned, but I gained a new perspective. Oh I don’t follow xenu though.

Where: Wembley Stadium, London, England
When: July 12 1986
Why: One of the most influential band in rock history and my own music history was about to make its final great appearance. Queen. For years my music was only limited to local folklore music or things that the only store brought. There were no rock programs in TV, until a documentary about Freddie Mercury aired on the national television channel, due to his death. When I first heard the ice cold voice of Freddie, I liked that music. It was the first time that I got interested in music (even though I am not so keen on remembering songs, people or tunes so much, I have a slipping mind!) and was the first checkpoint into many that followed. Through Queen I found Bowie, Springsteen, Led Zeppelin and mainly all great rock icons. I also got a knack for brit pop music which apparently grew up to become pop music in general. Ah the times of exploration.


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