Spam mail…

Και τώρα το παρακάτω είναι spam mail που ήρθε στο mailbox μου:

Dear sir,

My name is Talula Jones and I am writing this from Oregon, USA. Last year, I had a freak accident that cost me my legs and my arms during a ferocious blizzard. I’m not writing this for charity but to warn you that the ferocious blizzard will come towards you with the same effects as mine, if you don’t send this mail to 10 people by midnight. It happened before me to George Smith, who sent me the e-mail warning, but it reached out too late 12:01 AM and I had the accident the next day.

Please heed my warning and try not to have the fate I am having.

Talula Jones

Καλά οι άνθρωποι δεν παίζονται…


One thought on “Spam mail…


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