Melody – a Greek Comic

And now something for our friends who read this and are not from Greece (you are few but not forgotten).

Ilias Kiriazis, a local comics artist and writer has won the Zuda Comics competition of April 2008. His comic, Melody, an 8 page preview with a cliffhanger tells the story about the greatest song ever written. What is the secret behind the song? What adventures will Melody face? Let’s hope that production will end soon so that we will all enjoy the ending.

Winning the competition. means that Ilias shall have a DC contract soon (since Zuda is part of an online DC efford to promote comics). It is a good opening for a firm international career, especially in the comics department that Greece is developing.

As for Ilias, along with our warm welcomes, we look forward for another project of his, the Galaxy Quest sequel comic that will reunite the unique characters (personal favorite of mine) and will «Never give up, never surrender». For the rest of our merry Greek comics artists out there, I hope to surpass Ilias’s success, for them to be known outside the little black box called Greek Comics Community.



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