VisualDNA — τί είσαι με εικόνες.

Στο blog του Νυστέρη, υπήρξε μια νύξη για το visualDNA.

Μετά απο λίγο ψάξιμο (λέγε με google) βρήκα μια online (διαφημιστική) εφαρμογή του στο MSN. Μιάς που μας έχει πιάσει μια «πυραμιδική» μανία του αριθμού «5» ορίστε και το αντίστοιχο visualDNA μου (παραθέτω τα κείμενα, και το link) μετά το break.

My Feelings:
You are probably a very busy person with lots on your plate, trying to juggle many things at the same time.

You’re very social and up for a laugh. In fact, you’re a bit of an unstoppable party animal. You love to surround yourself with friends.

For you, happiness is spending time with those that you love. You thrive on feeling like you’re on life’s journey with someone special and are full to the brim with romantic notions…

Your choice of color signifies a sense of intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty and calm. You are likely to be a very devoted and loyal person that likes things to be in order. You are probably happy to express your emotions and are regarded by your friends as someone that can easily gauge their mood.

When it comes to breakfast, you’re into convenience. It’s all about speed and ease – minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

Dinner is an important meal for you. You enjoy fresh and well prepared meals and really like a fulfilling and hearty meal.

Your choice of drink shows that you care about your health, and make sure you’re putting the right stuff in.

My Travel:
When it comes to vacations, there’s no stopping you once you’ve got the taste for adventure…You love the freedom of being in charge of where you’re heading, and probably get bored just sitting on a beach.

On vacation you like to explore your location, stopping where your fancy takes you. You love to visit cities and enjoy the buzz they offer. Inquisitive and cosmopolitan, holidays indulge this side of your character.

A romantic break would be just the two of you… Where you end up is entirely down to you both; with an open road ahead, you can choose your own pace and watch the scenery go by.

You like your accommodation to have everything you need, be private, and all to yourself. Space is a luxury that is important… as is your own pool to cool off!

My Style:
As for the home, you think of yourself as having very cool contemporary taste. You need a minimalist and modern setting to be able to relax and unwind. Chances are you like to invest in the latest must-have design or art.

You dream of a home in the centre of the city, but with lots of space and charm. You like to be near all it has to offer, but you like the retreat a spacious home provides.

You like your bed to look the way you like it! Covered in your favorite things.

Your kitchen would be modern, hard lines, with neat storage solutions, Space is an issue, but you never compromise on style.

My Leisure:
You have a real passion and pride yourself on knowing all there is to know about what’s hot in film.

As for sport – you love the energy and passion of team sports. Being behind your team, for the highs and lows is what it’s all about. Nothing beats the energy of the crowd.

Music – you listen wherever you can. At work it helps you concentrate and focus.

When you’re with someone special you like to be enjoying the everyday. These are the special moments that really matter – and often go unnoticed. You probably both like to switch off after a busy day.

You like people who are relaxed, low key – but are up for a laugh. Getting together is really important, you’re pretty sociable, but you probably prefer to hang out with a few good friends.

Family is all the memories you share and treasure.

My Lifestyle:
As for spending your dollars – you probably like to add to your growing collections. You love films and have a big library to prove it!

When shopping, you try to avoid the crowds – you choose to shop from the comfort of your home. Possibly researching before you buy, you like it all at your fingertips and just a few clicks away. To top it all, it is all delivered directly to your door.

Your most treasured time saver – a service that can give you everything you need at the click of your mouse. Full of questions – looking in one place for all the answers is a life saver!

An extra hour would be spent enjoying special moments with the one you love.


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